The Snowshoe cat Society show was held on Saturday 19th January at The Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore. A total of 11 snowshoes were entered and a good day was had.
Best in show adult was Ch Charliesgems Danburite owned by Charlene Bryant
Best kitten was Sapphirestar Quintessential owned by Kate Gee
Best neuter was Imp Gr Pr Icegems Ruby owned by Anne Jones. She also won Best in Show, The Michael Wrigley Memorial Class and The Mollie Southall Memorial Class.


This is Grand Premier Icegems Ruby’s. She won Best of Variety foreign neuter at the Supreme cat show at the NEC Birmingham recently. She is the first Snowshoe win a best of variety at such a prestigious show.

2015-10-24 15.56.30



On Saturday 6th June Michael Wrigley’s Snowshoe boy Icegems Blue Steel (Blade) won his 5th Imperial Grand Premier certificate. This makes him the first snowshoe to achieve this title under GCCF rules.


3 pictures of Icegems Ruby who was  best foreign neuter at the Coventry and Leicester show on Saturday

icegemsruby1 icegemsruby2 icegemsruby3


At the Supreme Cat Show held at the NEC Birmingham on Saturday 22nd November 2014 Michael Wrigley’s Icegems Blue Steel was awarded his 2nd Imperial Grand Premier Certificate. At the show stall there was a lot of interest shown in the breed especially with Katy’s boy on display, he really did us proud showing how affectionate a snowshoe cat can be with all the people wanting to stroke him and he didn’t bat an eyelid. All the snowshoe’s at the show did really well with Anne’s Icegems Ruby being placed in the top three of Best Foreign Neuter.

2015-10-24 15.56.30


At the Yorkshire County Cat Club Show held at the The Dome Doncaster on Saturday 25th October  Michael Wrigleys’ Icegems Blue Steel (Blade) won his first Imperial Grand Premier Certificate with grateful thanks to judge Mrs H Marriott-Power.


  Anne Jones’ Icegems Amethyst was awarded Best Foreign Adult in the show and her CH Icegems Ruby
   won her first PC and also BOB.
    A good day for the SNOWSHOES.

Lisa-Marie Meadows is delighted to report that her 4th generation seal tortie snowshoe girl ‘Snowbelle’ won 1st & BOB at the South Western Counties show on 27th September 2014.

This is another milestone for the Snowshoe breed as she is the first seal tortie Snowshoe to be shown in the UK since they were granted Championship status by GCCF .


Mike Wrigley writes   Icegems Blue Steel was made up to a Grand Premier at the Chester & North Wales Cat Club Show on Saturday 9th August 2014. A massive thanks to judge Mrs M Codd for awarding him his 3rd certificate. He is the first Snowshoe to achieve this title.



Pr. Icegems Blue Steel (Blade) became the first Snowshoe Grand Premier at the Chester show yesterday. Many congratulations to his owner Mike Wrigley and his breeder Anne Jones.


On Saturday March 22nd Michael Wrigley’s Icegems Blue Steel (Blade) was awarded the first ever Grand Premier Certificate for a Male Neuter Snowshoe, it might even have been the first for any Snowshoe,thank you to the judge Mrs B Shingleton




Premier Icegems Blue Steel




Another date to remember….18th January 2014 is the day when 3 Snowshoes were the first to achieve titles at a GCCF show.

At the Notts & Derby show

Mike Wrigley’s gorgeous blue boy became PREMIER ICEGEMS BLUE STEEL.
Anne Jone’s pretty seal girl became CHAMPION ICEGEMS RUBY
Katy Gee’s handsome stud boy became CHAMPION SAPPHIRESTAR FROSTBITE.
All certificates were awarded by GCCF Judge Steve Parkin, a long time supporter of the Snowshoes.

Many congratulations to all!!It’s been a long hard road to Championship status and we are so grateful to everyone who helped us on the way especially our President Mrs Mollie Southall who worked so tirelessly to preserve and progress this charming breed. It was very fitting that she was with us on the day to see history being made.
Lynda Ashmore




A day to remember!!
26th October 2013 will go down in Snowshoe history as the very first time Snowshoes won certificates at a GCCF show.
The show was the Yorkshire County Cat Club managed by our Chairman Lynda Ashmore where ICEGEMS BLUE STEEL bred by our Secretary  Anne Jones, owned by our Treasurer Michael Wrigley won 1st PC & BOB    (Judge Mrs H Marriott Power) and ICEGEMS RUBY won 1st CC & BOB (Judge Mrs J Higgins) in the adult class. ICEGEMS BLUE STEEL then went on to cover himself in even more glory by being judged the best Foreign Neuter in show. (Judge Mrs S Bullock)

Congratulations and well done to all!!




As confirmed at the June Council meeting, GCCF’s transition to using  EMS codes will start on 1st October 2013. The transition will be done in phases, so that everyone can get used to the new system and the codes  over time. For those of you who remember, it will be rather like the  change to decimalisation! So, we may have a few teething troubles, and  the change will take a while to bed in, but eventually we will have a  much more flexible system that’s easier to understand, and that will  allow GCCF to grow and develop for years to come.
A lot of work has been done behind the scenes already, by the Board, the Office team, the IT specialists and by the show teams, so that we can be prepared for  Stage 1 from 1st October. There’s a timetable summary below so you can  see the changes at a glance.
So, what will be changing and what do you need to do?
•EMS codes will start to appear on registration documents from 1st  October – and the current breed number will be shown as well.  Registrations (both on-line and manual) can still be taken using the old numbers, but if you can start to get used to using the new numbers as  soon as possible, that will be ideal.
•There will be a translator page on the website, so if you’re not sure about an EMS code, you’ll be able to check it out.
•Show entries for shows that will run from 1st January 2014 should use  the EMS code – and EMS codes need to appear in catalogues and on show  pens from that date onwards.
There are lots of other places where  our current breed codes appear, so if you’re a Club or BAC Secretary  please think about any publications or websites that may need to change, and start to make plans to get these updated. There’s no deadline for  this, but obviously it’ll be easier for breeders, exhibitors and Judges  to make the transition if they can start to see the new codes as soon as possible.
We’ll be on hand to help sort out any queries. If you’re unsure about something, or you think there’s a problem, please send an  e-mail to and the team will help you out. E-mail is more helpful than phone, so  that we can get your query to the right person most easily. Please be  patient – there are bound to be a number of queries, and the office will be doing their best to help!
Date Show Managers Breeders/Owners BAC Secretaries Club Secretaries
1st October 2013 All schedules which are initially issued after this  date (ie. For show dates from 1st January 2014 onwards), must include a  note to require exhibitors to use EMS codes on their entries. It is  suggested that you include a copy of the EMS Guide (downloadable from  GCCF website) and (when it’s available) a link to the translator on the  GCCF website.
a) Registration and transfer requests can use either code, but ideally should use the appropriate EMS code as soon as  possible.
b) All Registration and Transfer documents will show both the EMS code and the current breed code.
c) Show entries for shows after 1st January 2014 should use the EMS code.
d) If required, re-prints of existing pedigrees and registration  documents may be purchased showing EMS codes Start to update Breeding  Policies and Registration Policies to show the new EMS codes for your  breed. If you have a website, please include a link to the translator on the GCCF website to assist your members. If you use breed codes on your website or in publications, start to amend these to the new codes.
1st January 2014 All published show information (schedules, pen cards  etc) must show EMS codes. All show returns to GCCF must be made using  EMS codes.
2014 – when new office system is live (Date TBC)
a) All documents will be produced showing just EMS codes. All  registration checking (via online system or office) will be done based  on EMS codes.


There are two new information guides on the Snowshoe Cat page. A guide to EMS Descriptions and a guide to GCCF sections and colours.


26TH June was an historic day for Snowshoes – a proposal to remove the provisional stage of progression and move all the breeds currently there to Championship status was passed at the GCCF AGM meeting. This means that from 26th October 2013 Snowshoes can compete for CC’s, PCs etc. Thank you to all who have worked so hard to progress the breed to this point… the race is on for the first GCCF Snowshoe Champion/Premier, Grand Champion and beyond !!!! Good luck everyone Lynda Ashmore Chairman Snowshoe Cat Society