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To all potential buyers- please read this from the official GCCF website

Before buying a pedigree kitten, whether you have seen its pedigree form or not, it is sensible to check the GCCF Suspensions List to see whether the seller is listed there.

When someone breaks a rule in GCCF they can be taken to the Disciplinary Committee and, if the offence is serious, they may be “suspended” for a period of time from showing and breeding. Sometimes offenders are fined but do not pay, so they are suspended “sine die”, that is until such time as the fine is paid. So, before you consider buying a kitten, it is very important to check the breeder’s or seller’s name is not to be found on GCCF Suspension List

Check carefully that the person selling the kitten is not on the list for whatever reason. Suspension means just that! They are no longer a part of the GCCF; they will not be able to register their kittens and, sadly, neither would someone who bought an unregistered kitten from them. Sadly not all sellers are truthful; they still charge full price for their kittens and still give the impression there is not a problem. The GCCF is very concerned and want to make sure innocent buyers are not cheated – that is why they advise you it is so important to check first.

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Layla is 2 years old 2nd
generation and really needs a home where she is the only cat as she
loves to be the centre of attention. In return she is very devoted and
loving.  Contact Anne Jones at


For sale  Icegems Diamond. He is 7 months old male 2nd generation still waiting for his
forever home. He is very ‘chatty’ and loving Contact Anne Jones




2 kittens for sale- details to follow from Miss Dawn  Banks    Kettle Grove Forge    Norsted Lane   Pratts Bottom  Orpington Kent BR 7PF

     E-Mail Address:
     Web Address :


2 seal point girls available from 25th January 2014 and 2 female and 2 male kittens, all seal with various patterns, available from mid February 2014.

They have all been raised together in our house and are very friendly. Anne Jones, Grimsby, North East Linc’s  tel: 01472 318769