The Snowshoe Cat

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Breed Information

The Snowshoe is a medium sized cat, combining the heftiness of its shorthair
ancestors and the length of its oriental ancestors. The cat is well balanced
overall; neither too small nor too large. It is firm and muscular, deceptively
powerful and should have an athletic build with the appearance of a runner
rather than a weightlifter.

The temperament is described as ‘bombproof’ and indeed little seems to faze
them. They are great extroverts at shows, revelling in the attention they
receive. They love interactive play with their owners, quickly learning how to
play ’fetch‘ (they may even teach you how to do this). Fishing rod toys are a
great favourite, as are climbing frames, especially those that include a tunnel
or hammock. They are quick, intelligent and also love human company. They also
readily accept other breeds of cats, dogs and of course children! The ideal
all-round cat.

The combination of blue eyes, pointed pattern and white trim makes the Snowshoe
unique amongst shorthaired cats.

The Snowshoe should be a well-balanced cat with all parts in good proportion to
each other, no one part should be more extreme than the other.

The Snowshoe is produced in all the Siamese colours, including the tabby and
tortie varieties.

The ‘show’ pattern is most striking, but very difficult to achieve. Some

USA breeders
describe Snowshoes as being ‘as different as pebbles on the beach’, each kitten
showing its own distinctive pattern, each having its own unique appeal.