The Society

The Snowshoe Cat Society was set up in April 2005 following numerous requests for a new club and a reliable information source about this rare and wonderful cat. This club is running under the GCCF rules and regulations but members of FIFe, TICA and other regulatory bodies are welcome and encouraged to become members and will receive support and guidance in all areas.

At the Snowshoe Cat Society we want to promote and sustain the Snowshoe cat in Britain and by setting up the Snowshoe Cat Society we aim to;

Support breeders and Snowshoe Cat Admirers. Encourage further expansion of the breed in all it’s varieties and maintain a healthy bloodline.
Promote the Snowshoe cat through the regulatory bodies
We are going to achieve this by;

Providing reliable information about the Snowshoe Cat
Offering to publicise breeders who are also members
Providing information and support to help novice breeders and new owners who are members
Raising awareness of the breed in the UK
There are seven committee members who are all dedicated to the success and well being of the Snowshoe breed. Collectively we are trying to raise the profile and awareness of the breed. Some of us breed the Snowshoe or have experience of breeding and some simply love having a Snowshoe as a pet.


We hope that if you have a genuine interest in the Snowshoe cat you will join us.

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